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  • This device is an AC high current electrical isolation transducer, Its input and output are not common grounded. The input signal is AC current, and the output signal is standard signal of DC voltage or DC current. The product with the characteristics of high precision, high isolation voltage, low temperature drift, small size and easy installation. It can be widely used in communication, electricity, railways, industrial control and other fields.

    Data Sheet

    * Test conditions: auxiliary power supply: +12 VDC, room temperature: 25 ℃.

    * Input range: 0~ 1000A;         

    * Accuracy: class 0.5 (adopts fiducial error);

    * Operating temperature: -10~60℃;     

    * Isolation voltage: 2500 V DC;

    * Load capacity: voltage output ≥ 2k Ω, current output ≤ 250 Ω;  

    * Temperature drift: ≤300ppm/℃;

    * Response time: ≤ 300 mS;

    * Rated power consumption: <0.5W;

    * Output ripple: ≤10mV;

    * Frequency range: 45~65Hz (up to 5K, please specify when ordering);

    * Surge impact immunity:

       Power port one-level ± 0.5KV (L-N/2Ω/integrated wave)  

       Analog I/O port one-level ±0.5KV (L-N/40Ω/integrated wave);

    *Impulse immunity: input / power supply port ± 2KV;

                                     analog I / O port ± 1KV;

    * Input overload capacity: 20 times of the measured current nominal value (maximum 500A), applying a repetition of five times a second, interval 300S;

    * Storage temperature: -55 ~+65°C; humidity: ≤95% (no dew).



                                                                                     Product outline


                                                                        Connection diagram


                                                                        Red wire: positive terminal of auxiliary power supply.

                                                                        Black wire: negative terminal of auxiliary power supply.

                                                                        Yellow wire: signal output connection wire.

                                                                        Length of the output lead wire: 3 meters.

    High precision 

    High isolation voltage

    Low temperature drift

    Small size 

    Easy installation

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