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1 Quality standards and product packaging

1.1 Product quality standards and technical indicators are based on Party B’s corporate standards and the final version of the latest product manual published on the company’s website.

1.2 The product packaging is the factory standard packaging of Party B. If Party A has special requirements for packaging, it shall notify Party B in a separate written form and bear the additional packaging costs.


2 Product acceptance

2.11 When Party A receives the product, it confirms the product specification, model, quantity, appearance and related information on the spot. If it does not raise a written objection within 24 hours after receiving the product, it shall be deemed that the product has been accepted without any objection.

2.2 Party A shall organize quality inspection within 5 working days after receiving the product. If it believes that there is a quality problem with the goods, it shall raise an objection to Party B in writing (test data, testing method) within 5 working days after receiving the product. After the expiry date, Party A shall be deemed to have no objection to the quality of the product; if Party B verifies that the product does have quality problems, Party B must replace the product within five working days after receiving the product returned by Party A and bear the freight.


3 Quality assurance and after-sales service

3.1 Within six months from the date of sale, if the product has non-artificial quality problems, it will be refunded or replaced. For non-human damage within two years, Party A will mail it to Party B for free repair; after two years, if the product is non-artificial damage, it will be mailed to Party B for repair, and Party B will charge reasonable labor and material costs.

3.2 If damage is caused by opening or modifying the product without the permission of Party B, Party B will not provide warranty service.