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  • This device is a split core true RMS measurement  AC current isolation transducer, use the electromagnetic isolation principle, adopts the opening-closing method,  can measure single-phase AC current non-sinusoidal alternating signal after True-RMS conversion, easy to measure the current. Isolated output the various types of standard signals,the output signal follow the input signal linearly, widely used in non-standard waveform distortion sine wave real-time signal detection and monitoring.

    Data Sheet

    * Test conditions: auxiliary power supply: +24 VDC, room temperature: 25 ℃;

    * Input range: 0~5AAC-500AAC(input below 20A, accuracy is class 1.0);

    * Output: 0~20mA, 4~20mA, 0~10V, 0~5V;

    * Power supply: 12VDC, 15VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC;

    * Accuracy: 0.5;         

    * Load capacity: load ≥ 2KΩ (voltage output) load ≤ 250Ω (current output);

    * Temperature drift: ≤400ppm/℃;

    * Isolation voltage: ≥2500 V DC;

    * Response time: ≤400 mS;

    * Rated power consumption: 0.5W;

    * Output ripple: ≤10mV;

    * Frequency range: 45Hz-400Hz;

    * Surge impact immunity:

       Power port three-level ± 2KV (L-N/2Ω/integrated wave)  

       Analog I/O port three-level ±2KV (L-N/40Ω/integrated wave);

    * Impulse immunity: input / power port ± 2KV, analog I /O port ± 1KV;

    * Input overload capacity: 20 times of the nominal value (maximum 1000A)

       (Applying a repetition of five times a second, interval 300S);

    * Operating temperature: -10~ 60°C; humidity: ≤95% (no dew);

    * Storage temperature: -40 ~+70°C; humidity: ≤95% (no dew).



    GS4 case style


    Installation dimensions


    Voltage output connection diagram

    High precision, superior to grade 0.5.

    Low temperature drift, temperature drift does not exceed the precision range, and good stability.

    Opening-closing method for measurement, with self-locking protection, convenience of installation on site.

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