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  • This product is a standard signal isolator. The use of electromagnetic isolation principle, can output DC current or voltage signal after electrical isolation of the input DC current or voltage signal.  Its input, outputs and power supply are electrically isolated from each other. It is especially suitable to use in these devices, which requires electrically isolated, such as sensors, transducers and meters. It may be widely used in measuring and controlling systems with PLC, computer and automatic control systems. 

    Data Sheet

    Test conditions: power supply: +24V, room temperature: 25℃;
    Input range: 0~ 4~20mADC, 0 ~ 300VDC;
    Output:  4~ 20mADC, 0~20mADC, 0~VDC,
    0~10VDC, 0~15VDC;
    Auxiliary power: +24VDC;   
    Accuracy: 0.2 class (one input and one output),
    0.5 class (one input and two output);       
    Load capacity: load ≥2KΩ (voltage output),
                   Load ≤250Ω (current output);
    Temperature drift: ≤200ppm/℃;
    Isolation voltage: 2500VDC;   
    Response time: ≤300mS;                 
    Rated power consumption: <2.3W;
    Output ripple: ≤15mV;
    Frequency response range: none;
    Surge immunity:
    Power port four 4KV (L-N/2Ω/integrated wave),
    Output port Secondary 2KV (L-N/40Ω/integrated wave)  
    Impulse immunity: none;
    Input overload capacity:
    Voltage: 2 times of full span (1 second, 10 times)
    Current: 2 times of full span and less than 10A, 5 times a second;
    Operating temperature: -10 ~ 60℃; humidity: ≤95%( no dew);
    Storage temperature: -40~+70℃.



    MS3 case


    Installation dimensions


     VZ07/IZ07 product wiring diagram


      VZ27/IZ27 product wiring diagram

    Product’s power port and output port can withstand 4KV and 2KV surge impact, safe and reliable.
    High accuracy, high isolation, low drift and wide range of operation temperature.
    High Anti-interference ability, all input, power supply and output isolation from each other to solve the problem of common mode interference, strong electrical interference and other issues of sensor or instrument signal in transmission process.

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