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  • This device is a DC signal isolator with standard signal isolation and power output distribution function. Using principles of linear optocoupler isolation, the input DC voltage or current signal can output DC voltage or current signal through the electrical isolation. This device is treble isolation, its input, output and auxiliary power isolated from each other. Especially suitable to be used together with the sensor/transducer and instrument which needs electrically isolate. Can widely used in computer, PLC measurement and control system and a variety of automatic control systems.

    Data Sheet

    Test conditions: auxiliary power supply :+24V, room temperature25℃;
    Input range: 0~4~20 mADC,0~300VDC;
    Input:  4~20mADC, 0~20mADC, 0~5VDC, 0~10VDC, 0~15VDC;
    Auxiliary power supply : +24VDC;   
    Accuracy:  class 0.2 (one input one output), class 0.5 (one input two output);
    Load capacity: Load≥2KΩ(voltage output),  Load≤250Ω(current output);
    Power distribution output: rated voltage: +24VDC, rated current: 30mA;
    Temperature drift: ≤200ppm/℃;
    Isolation voltage: 2500VDC;   
    Response time: ≤300mS;                 
    Rated power consumption:<2.3W;   
    Output ripple: ≤15mV;
    Frequency range: none;
    Surge impact immunity:
    Power port Four-level 4KV (L-N/2Ω/intergrated wave),
    Output port two-level 2KV (L-N/40Ω/intergrated wave);
    Input overload capacity:
    Voltage:2 times the nominal value, lasts for 1 second, interval of 10 seconds, repeat 10 times;
    Current:2 times the nominal value and <10A,5 times per second;
    Surge impact immunity: none;
    Operating condition: temperature: -10 ~ 60℃, Humidity: ≤95%( No dew);
    Storage temperature: -40~+70℃.



    MS3 case


                                                                                                        Installation diagram


      IZ08/VZ08 connection diagram


     IZ28/VZ28 connection diagram

    Power port, output port can respectively withstand the surge impact 4KV and 2KV, safe and reliable.
    Product with high stability, high accuracy, high isolation, low drift, wide temperature range and other characteristics.
    Strong electrical interference, all the input、power supply、output isolated from each other, solving sensor or instrument signal common-mode interference during transmission, strong electrical interference and other problems.

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