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  • This series of products measuring the DC input signal, while isolated output four-way standard DC signal of 0 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 5V or 4 ~ 20mA or 1 ~ 5V. It is with high precision, high isolation, low power consumption, low drift, wide temperature range, strong anti-interference ability and so on. The transducer uses a fully isolated design, that is, input, output and power are isolated from each other, eliminating the mutual interference between the signals. This product is widely used in electric power, communication, railway, mining, metallurgy, transportation, instrumentation and other industries because of its ultra-thin housing DIN rail card-mounted structure, plug-in terminal wiring, installation and maintenance convenience.

    Data Sheet

    Test conditions: auxiliary power: +24 V, room temperature: 25 ℃;

    Input range: 0-20mA/4-20mA/0-5A/0-10V/1-10V/0-500V or

    Custom Input Type (Voltage Max 500V, Current Max 5A)

    Output: 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V, 2.5±2.5V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 10±10mA;

    Power supply: +24VDC (-15%~+20%)  

    Accuracy:  0.2 class;      

    Load capacity: current output ≤500Ω; voltage output ≥1kΩ;

    Temperature drift: ≤100ppm/℃;

    Isolation voltage: 2500VDC;  

    Response time: ≤200 mS;                

    Rated power consumption: <3W;

    Output ripple: ≤10mV;

    Frequency response range: none;

    Surge immunity:

    Power port two ±1KV (L-N/2Ω/ integrated wave) 

    Output port three ±2KV (L-N/40Ω/integrated wav);

    Impulse immunity:

    input/power port ± 2KV, analog I/O port ± 1KV;

    Input overload capacity:

    2 times nominal value for the measured (apply a second, repeat 10 times, interval 10S);

    Weight: 144g, size::L*W*H = 115*96*18mm

    Operating temperature: 20~70℃; humidity: ≤95% (no dew)

    Storage temperature: -40~+70℃.





                                                                                                                Wiring diagram of CE-S#17-####4MD4

    Ø  It can switch the analog signal output to 0-20mA (0-5V) or 4-20mA (1-5V) output through the internal DIP switch. The four-way output signals are independent of each other.

    Ø  The internal is used digital adjustment, no potentiometer adjustment technology, the advantages of using the technical: product debugging convenience and product output has no influence from external mechanical vibration, product performance and stability.

    Ø  The use of advanced digital-analog conversion circuit for DA conversion with stability output, low temperature drift.

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