Zero Sequence Current Transducer

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  • The product is a zero sequence AC current isolation transducer, mainly used to measure the three-phase current phasor in three-phase four-wire circuit and the current change of neutral line N (zero line). Compared with the zero sequence current transformer (CT) detection, there are obvious advantages on signal isolation and stability, standard output signal can be directly connected to the host of the final stage control (such as PLC, etc.). The shell is made of flame-retardant ABS plastic shell. It adopts resin casting, which effectively avoids the corrosion of transformer in the course of long-term use. Product with characteristics of good insulation properties, good linearity, reliable operation, easy installation and so on. Can be widely used in electricity, communication,railways and  industrial control fields. Also widely used in the electrical fire monitoring, fire leakage systems, small current grounding systems and computer equipment protection.

    Data Sheet

    * Power supply: DC + 11 ~ + 28V;

    * Maximum current impact adaptability: 1000A / 0.2S, 5 times;

    * Rated operating current: <30mA;

    * Input range: AC Current: 0 ~ 5A; 0 ~ 10A; 0 ~ 15A, optional; 

    * Frequency:  50Hz/60Hz  

    * Output: 0 ~ 5V / 0 ~ 20mA / 4 ~ 20mA;              

    * Accuracy class: 0.5 (with reference error);

    * Load capacity: voltage output>1KΩ, current output<300Ω;

    * Temperature drift: ≤200ppm/℃;

    * Isolation voltage: ≥2500 V DC;

    * Response time: ≤200 mS;

    * Rated power consumption: ≤ 0.4W;

    * Output ripple: ≤10mV;

    * Frequency range: 45~65Hz(up to 5K,please specify when ordering);

    * Surge impact immunity: 

       Power port three level 2KV (L-N / 2Ω / integrated wave)

       Output port three level 2KV (L-N / 40Ω / integrated wave) ;

    * Impulse immunity: input / power port ± 4KV ,  analog I /O port ± 4KV

    * Input overload capacity: continuous overload: 120%;

                                               short-term overload: 1000A / 0.2S, 5 times;

    * Operating temperature: -20~ +70°C; humidity: ≤95% (no dew) ;

    * Storage temperature: -55 ~+65°C; humidity: ≤95% (no dew).



                                                                                                                 Appearance of the product


                                                                Wiring diagram

                                     (Note: example of measuring three-phase motor load of zero sequence current) 


    Overall dimensions(in mm)

    High accuracy, better than 0.5%.

    Wide power supply DC + 11 ~ + 28V.

    Standard signal output, can be directly connected to use the PLC equipment.

    High anti-interference ability, surge immunity 2KV, pulse group immunity 4KV.

    Epoxy resin packaging technology, high electrical isolation strength.

    Compact structure, easy installation, small footprint, a variety of shapes for optional.

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