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Split Core 1-phase AC Current Transducer

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  • This device is a split core 1-element ac current transducer. Use the principle of electromagnetic isolation, adopts opening-closing method, easy to measure the current, isolated output the various types of standard detection and control signals. Completely isolated between input and output, good linear relationship between output signal and input signal. Can be widely used in AC current signal real-time monitoring, electricity, railways, industrial monitoring and other fields.

    Data Sheet

    * Test conditions: auxiliary power: +24 VDC, room temperature: 25 ℃.

    * Input range: 0-20A~500A AC(grade 0.5), 0-5A~20A AC (grade 1.0)  

    * Output: 0-5V/1-5V/0-20mA/4-20mA etc.

    * Power supply: 12VDC, 15VDC, 24VDC   

    * Accuracy: grade 0.5, grade 1.0

    * Linearity range: 0~120%

    * Load capacity: load ≥ 2KΩ (voltage output Vz), load ≤ 250Ω (current output Iy, Iz)

    * Temperature drift: ≤400ppm/℃

    * Isolation voltage: ≥2500 V DC   

    * Response time: ≤300 mS                 

    * Quiescent Current: ≤10mA   

    * Rated power consumption: ≤0.4W

    * Output ripple: ≤10mV

    * Frequency range: 45~65Hz (up to 5K, please specify when ordering);

    * Surge impact immunity:

    Power port level ± 2KV (L-N/2Ω/integrated wave)  

    Analog I/O port level ±2KV (L-N/40Ω/integrated wave);

    * Input overload capacity: 20 times the nominal value of the measurement current (maximum 500A)

      (Applying a repetition of five times a second, interval 300S);

    * Operating temperature: -10~ 60°C; humidity: ≤95% (no dew);

    * Storage temperature: -55 ~+65°C; humidity: ≤95% (no dew).




    Product outline


    Installation dimensions


                                                     Connection diagtam with voltage output


                                                    Connection diagtam with current output

    High precision, superior to grade 0.5.

    Low temperature drift, temperature drift does not exceed the precision range, and good stability.

    Opening-closing method for measurement, with self-locking protection, convenience of installation on site.

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