One Phase AC Current Transducer with DIsplay

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Input: voltage: AC/DC 0 ~ 600V, current: AC/DC 0 ~ 5A:
Analog output: 0-5V,  4-20mA , 0-5V load>2KΩ, 4-20mA  load<300Ω;
Communication output: RS485 (Baud rate: 9600bps;data Format: Start bit 1 bit, data bit 8 bits, stop bit 1 bit, no parity)
Switching value output:  one group of terminals, capacity: 5A 250V;
Can set the function: switch (relay) control value, hysteresis, alarm mode and display variable ratio parameters;
Power supply: AC/DC 85~265V;
Accuracy: 0.5 class;
Response time: less than 320mS:
Maximum display: 9999, variable ratio: 1-9999;
Power consumption: ≤3.5VA;
Distinguishability: voltage: 0.1V, current: 0.001A;
Isolation voltage: power/input /output ≥DC2.5KV/min.1mA;
Surge impact immunity: Power port three 2000V (L-N / 2Ω / integrated wave),
Analog I / O port three 2000V (L-N / 40Ω / integrated wave),
Input overload capacity: 20 times the nominal value of the measured current (maximum 500A), apply for one second repeat 5 times, interval 300S;
Isolation resistance: ≥100MΩ;
Operating temperature: -20℃~+60℃;
Storage temperature:-40℃~+70℃.